Puerto Rico the best that he could find from beautiful Nova Scotia. Pedro was back home in Puerto Rico running all the marketing, sales, and distribution side of the business. Their business is a true success story which began as a very small scale retail endeavor. In 1976 they started with one truck load of 1,200 trees which was sold in only 11 days. Then in 1979 they quickly expanded into providing wholesale Christmas trees to customers in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.

The key event in our company history happened in 1991, when our Director decided to retire from his job as Plant Manager for a multinational company in Puerto Rico. It was then that he moved to Nova Scotia with his family to begin farming Balsam Fir Christmas trees from natural stands, as well as to market trees from the best growers throughout "Canada's Ocean Playground." His engineering background in Production Systems and Quality Assurance combined with our company's past retailing experience has been crucial in producing and marketing the specific mix of Christmas tree grades that individual markets desire. Our consistent quality can mainly be attributed to him who personally grades every Canadian Christmas tree at harvest time according to general appearance and density.

Because we are a medium-size Christmas tree farm operation we handle a relatively small volume of trees (about 3,000 last year). This has enabled us to provide our customers with a very personal level of customized orders and delivery requirements. Furthermore, our trees are cut, graded, baled, and placed into refrigerated containers in site. The trees never have a long way to go before they are refrigerated. This has allowed us to ship a superior level of fresh product.

Our company was recognized and awarded in 2004 by the Forest Product Association of Nova Scotia for following the principles of Forest Stewardship.
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Aroma Balsam Christmas trees is the brand name of PLC Resources Ltd. At Aroma Balsam we continue a family tradition which started in 1976 by two brothers. It all started in the island of Puerto Rico where natural Christmas trees were then a very rare treat. In the beginning, it was Fernando taking time off from his job as an Engineer and Computer Designer in the USA and coming to Nova Scotia to select and ship to
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